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Mabinogi, Raccoons, and other random stuffs... - Musings of the Mistaken Zygote
Mabinogi, Raccoons, and other random stuffs...
You know you've played WAY too much Mabinogi before bed when you start having strange dreams that are partly based in real life and partly based in fantasy life. I recently had a dream about gathering wool out in a field by my grandma's house (where she used to live) so that I could take it to the pharmacist I used to see at the Walgreens in Toledo on Reynolds that had only one eye, so he could make bandages and I could get EXP and Gold so I could buy the shield I wanted and level up to 20 before Friday so I could rebirth. I was using my shears from work and thinking, "thank goodness Kate sharpened these for me." So, to explain...I play this game, Mabinogi: Fantasy Life, which is by Nexon (those same people who got me addicted to Audition). In the game, one of the part-time jobs is to shear sheep to gather wool and then take it to the local healer so they can use it to make bandages. Apparently my brain substituted healer with this very nice pharmacist we used to see at Walgreens (before he died). The shears thing...Kate is a gal at work and she sharpens our shears when they get dull. She recently sharpened mine at work (and damn are they sharp). Now, about the level up to 20 before Friday (which oddly...it was past when this all happened)...I needed to level up to 20 to complete a quest. I wanted to do this before the end of Friday because on Saturday you age. I wanted to Rebirth before that happened, but I also wanted to get to level 20 because after you Rebirth, you're back at level 1. So it was a big rush for me to level up and I was all insane about it, but luckily server time was different than local time, so I made the deadline. Yeah! Anyhow, Mabinogi is my new online game addiction. I really need to join a guild or find a group of people that are on when I am because it's easier to get through dungeons or survive quests with a few people with you. I'm kind of weak right now and I hate losing EXP when I die and have to res in town. UGH.

My character (currently). First one is my character without all the extras. The second one is completely equipped.

I just killed some monster. The raccoon and rooster apparently were cheering me on.

I was actually trying to capture the little dance that characters do after successfully performing a task, but then this guy ran through!

Again, trying to capture that dance, but ended up with a sword in my eye.

Staring up at the night sky.

Tomorrow we are setting the raccoons free. They are getting so big, but they're still adorable. They eat just about anything we give them. I think they'll do fine. Anyhow, here's some parting photos before they're turned loose in the wild.

I don't do it as often as I used to, but on occasion I make lunch to take to work. I tend to eat several small meals a day, so lunch, since it's only 30 minutes, I keep it light. In this one I have granny smith apples (soaked in lemon juice so they don't brown), strawberries, raspberries, cashews (I found I can have a small amount without an allergic reaction), sunflower seeds, and for dessert I have a Take 5 and Dark Snickers. I meant to purchase Dark Milky Ways, but somehow I grabbed the Dark Snickers. Not my favourite, but they'll do. Strawberries and raspberries are so yummy. Granny smith are the only type of apples I'll eat. Not exactly the most balanced light lunch, but it's healthy for the most part.

Apparently Fan Plus Friend still have not received my package that I sent back on June 30th. I'm starting to get worried. I was assured by the post office that first class would be just fine. I didn't want to spend a fortune on priority. Now, I kind of wish I would have paid the extra large amount of cash, because it seems they haven't received it. All I have is the customs form number and that will only verify that you sent the package. Fan Plus Friend said they'd remake the garments and hold them until they get my package and then send them...to hopefully cut down on wait time since it's been so long. However, what's going to happen if they never receive it. I'm out two blouses and I cannot afford to purchase them again. This sucks, because I sent the package and have proof of that, but I don't have tracking. Is there any way to check to see if it's held up in customs? I'm so bummed. I can't wear any of my new Lolita outfits without those blouses. Blah!

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dragnmstrtorama From: dragnmstrtorama Date: August 4th, 2008 04:31 am (UTC) (Link)
I played a little Mabinogi but got really aggravated with it and bored so I stopped playing before I allowed myself to be swallowed whole by that game. o_o
traeonna From: traeonna Date: August 4th, 2008 08:11 pm (UTC) (Link)
Aggravated by what? I think the game can become boring if you don't get into the "social" aspect of the game. I have found these types of games to be pretty boring after a while if you play by yourself, but if you get involved with a group of players, then it's more like an enhanced chat room. :)
dragnmstrtorama From: dragnmstrtorama Date: August 5th, 2008 01:20 am (UTC) (Link)
I haven't found a free MMO with a player base that wasn't annoying to me really. But then again I'm a bit overly critical of people.
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