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Care Packages for Female Soldiers - Musings of the Mistaken Zygote
Care Packages for Female Soldiers
My beloved sent me a message asking if I could organize a care package of feminine products for the female soldiers. It seems the PX there is a bit lacking in this department.

1) Tampons, small sizes
He wrote: Small sizes as the few that do make it here are the size of "fucking baseball bats." I've been told that plastic applicators are a good thing. I've been told Playtex Pearls is a favorite.
So apparently they only sell economy sized tampons. ::eye roll:: Of course.

2) Pads of various sizes and flows.

3) Conditioner
He said that it can even be inexpensive stuff like Suave. The PX doesn't sell just conditioner, only all-in-one type stuff.

4) Toe Nail Polish
He says, "since they can pain their toe nails they would like to do that so they can feel girly."

5) Any other feminine products that you can think would be good.

If anyone would like to donate items to the care package, just tell me. I'll be starting a box tomorrow and making a run to the store. If you want to donate, but don't live near me or just want me to do the shopping, you can paypal me a donation and I'll buy more stuff. I'll probably send the package on the 16th of this month as it takes about 10 or so days to get over there (on good days). I really appreciate anyone considering helping out. I want to make sure our unit is taken care of in whatever way they require. Anyhow, thanks!

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traeonna From: traeonna Date: October 19th, 2009 11:31 pm (UTC) (Link)
I got a bunch of conditioner, a few packages of tampons and pads, and a bunch of tiny nail polish (only good for one or two times maybe). Hopefully I'll be able to send more next time.
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